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Should I Buy Pre-owned or New Jewellery?

There are good reasons for buying both pre-owned and new jewellery and in the end it totally comes down to personal choice. The piece you choose will be the one that speaks to you and holds your gaze!











Should I Buy Pre-owned Jewellery?

We know that buying anything second-hand and choosing to reuse is essentially more sustainable for our planet. A pre-owned item of jewellery requires no further production resources and energy. You are also not contributing to the demand for gemstones that require mining. Pre-owned jewellery is often better value for money because there are no added designer or maker costs. Also, any depreciation on the item has already occurred, so you are likely be able to sell second-hand jewellery for a similar price to what you paid for it.











Buying a Piece of History

The historical element of antique or vintage jewellery is quite alluring to many people, especially with very old pieces. Who knows what journey it has been on or who has worn it over the years. Oh if that ring or pendant could talk! With older jewellery you can find styles that are uncommon now, and you can create your own look and style with unique and rare pieces. There will simply be things you will never find again, or that display a patina that only comes with age.

New Jewellery

On the flip side, owning a piece of jewellery that has been specially made for you, or that you have had a hand in designing is quite a thrill. The brand new contemporary jewellery that we sell here at Hunters is bespoke and hand-made just for us, so you can be sure you are buying something special and unique.

We hand-select all our jewellery and antiques from carefully researched sources. We choose only the best quality and thoroughly check everything to ensure there is no damage - nothing escapes our loupe! We genuinely love everything we sell, be it antique, vintage or contemporary and you can trust that the details and descriptions of each piece are accurate. Please do get in touch if you have any questions, we are always happy to help.

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