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Georg Jensen Jewellery: A History of Design and Inspiration

The Appeal of Georg Jensen Vintage Silver Jewellery

'Do not follow fashion but be guided by the present' - Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen is an established Danish brand that started early in the 20th century, created by the silversmith Georg Jensen who was born 31st August 1866 in Radvaad, Denmark.

The mid-century jewellery period was a significant revolution in design. Georg Jensen brought a unique blend of traditional craftsmanship and modernist ideas to his creations. Georg Jensen epitomised the mid-century design ethos that still captivates the imagination.

In this Georg Jensen guide, I will share some history and talk about the appeal of Georg Jensen's collections of vintage silver that continues to attract collectors.

History of Georg Jensen Silver

Founded in 1904 in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Georg Jensen jewellery brand is appreciated by collectors worldwide. Georg Jenson's designer jewellery combines bold individuality and understated sophistication.

I continue to discover and collect George Jensen silver and admire the quality craftsmanship of the designs. I love that animals, birds, and natural beauty were the primary sources of inspiration in Georg Jensen jewellery, and the modern linear styling is very appealing. Georg Jensen necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and brooches are wonderful additions to Georg Jensen collections and would make a fantastic gift. See more vintage silver jewellery here 

Georg Jensen created designs inspired by natural forms and nature, like the iconic deer brooches of the mid-century. Example above.

Georg Jensen designs were influenced by the Art Nouveau period of the past century.

Georg Jensen: The Golden Period

Georg Jensen's jewellery was most prominent around the early to mid-20th century.

This period saw the Georg Jensen brand's rise through artisan designers such as Arno Malinowski, who designed some fabulous pieces, such as the much sought-after 'Moonlight Blossom' featuring butterflies and flowers.

Other Iconic Pieces From The Georg Jensen Brand

Notable Georg Jensen collections, such as the 'Grape' series and the 'Acorn' motif, have become landmarks in jewellery history.

The designer Kristian Mohl-Hansen, though not an employee of Jensen, created the Dove in Wreath, also known as design no 123.

Moonlight Grapes jewellery features delicately designed jewellery and tableware inspired by clusters of grapes in the moonlight, famous for their organic forms and refined craftsmanship. Moonlight grapes is a lovely simple design.

Georg Jensen Key Influencing Jewellery Periods

Georg Jensen was inspired by the organic floral motifs of the Art Nouveau period and the clean geometric forms of the Art Deco period.

Collectibility of Georg Jensen Today

The appeal of vintage Georg Jensen continues to grow. Collectors value these pieces for their superb craftsmanship and their value to any collection.

Valuation and Authenticity

Determining the authenticity and value of vintage silver pieces such as Georg Jensen rings, earrings, and necklaces can be challenging. Familiarity with the Jensen hallmarks, materials, and design periods helps collectors identify genuine Georg Jensen treasures.

Navigating The Market: Tips for Selling and Buying Mid-Century Silver

The market for Mid-Century silver and gold, particularly by Georg Jensen, can be lucrative and exciting. Buyers and sellers should know the financial value and market trends for spotting authentic pieces.

Joining discussion boards can provide a wealth of knowledge and potential leads for rare pieces.

Sourcing Authentic Vintage Pieces

Authenticity is crucial when purchasing vintage jewellery, especially from an established brand like Georg Jensen. Deal with reputable sellers known for their integrity and customer satisfaction.

Collecting is as much about the experience as the acquisition for your collection. Whether it's Georg Jensen earrings or Georg Jensen bracelets, look for pieces that resonate personally, either for yourself or a gift.


Georg Jensen vintage silver is at the top of Danish craftsmanship. Georg Jenson jewellery is still crafted today in yellow gold and silver. There is much to discover and this guide has just touched the surface of the rich world of vintage Georg Jensen jewellery, inviting collectors to explore and cherish these exceptional Georg Jensen pieces.

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