Best Place To Sell Gold Jewellery UK

Where is the best place to sell gold jewellery UK? Do you have any unwanted fine jewellery or precious gemstones that you like to sell? Do you have some antique jewellery that you no longer wear?

Whether you have some precious stones or items of precious metal, diamond rings, engagement rings, wedding rings, old gold or any unwanted jewellery, even broken jewellery, we would love to help.

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Why Choose Us

Here at Hunters Fine Jewellery, we pride ourselves on providing a truly personal and focused service for our clients. Our straightforward and transparent approach to selling jewellery ensures you feel comfortable and confident throughout the process. There will be no sales pitch or pressure to sell jewellery, and we understand that you might be selling jewellery under difficult circumstances or in an upsetting situation, such as parting with a loved one's jewellery. Rest assured, we treat all your jewellery with respect and care.

You may find better prices elsewhere online, but we won't employ hard-sell sales tactics that other buyers might employ.

We value your items fairly and offer best prices for pieces that can be resold, therefore potentially increasing the total value of your lot rather than just paying scrap price.

Sell With Confidence

We are a trusted family business with many years' experience of selling old jewellery, where every piece is treated with respect and every transaction is transparent and fair.

Our trusted team at Hunters Fine Jewellery will guide you through the easy selling process when you sell jewellery to us. Selling direct to us ensures you receive the fairest price for your jewellery. We take our time to assess whether your jewellery is best scrapped or re-sold or recycled into new items.

We will pay cash or settle via bank transfer with immediate payment. We may also consider part-exchange if you have your eye on something you would like to purchase that is on sale on our website.

Selling jewellery with us is straightforward and we will pay a better price than many high street jewellers or Hatton Garden, who will often not take into account the precious gemstones when you sell your jewellery, but only pay quick cash at gold prices. Selling jewellery to us is straightforward compared to the selling process at auction where you would have to set a reserve price and deal with several buyers.

Whether it's second hand jewellery or your own jewellery that you would like to sell, we will offer our best price for a no obligation offer.

Don't worry if your jewellery is broken or tangled or has stones missing. We buy broken jewellery as well as antique jewellery or diamond rings. We buy jewellery made in any precious metal, not just what is in high demand.

Sell Jewellery and Transform Your Treasures into Tomorrow’s Heirlooms

We don't just buy fine jewellery to scrap, we buy jewellery to recycle into new pieces meaning your second hand jewellery, necklaces or ring holds true value for future generations. We love to buy jewellery to create new, custom pieces from the recycled materials.

About Us

With over a decade of selling experience in the UK's jewellery trade, we've evolved from a cherished family-owned shop in Garstang, Lancashire, to a premier online destination where you can sell your jewellery. Selling your jewellery to us provides you with a trustworthy service and a genuine, respectful assessment of your items.

Our Jewellery Services

Buying Old Jewellery

We purchase a wide range of jewellery including gold, platinum, silver and antique and vintage collections. Each piece you want to sell is carefully assessed to ensure you receive a fair and competitive offer.

Custom and New Jewellery

Our commitment to sustainability is showcased through our unique new collections, crafted using recycled materials from the jewellery we buy. Your necklaces and rings could be recycled into brand-new pieces—how wonderful is that!

Personalised Evaluations

We offer personalised home visits for jewellery evaluations and transactions, ensuring a comfortable and secure experience right from the comfort of your own home, saving you time and effort.

Alternatively, you may prefer to securely post your jewellery to us for evaluation.

Please send us a photo of your jewellery before arranging a visit or posting. If you decide to sell your jewellery to us, we will give you a same-day assessment and price.

How It Works

Ready to Sell Your Jewellery?

Contact Us: You can reach out to us via telephone, email, or simply complete our online form with details about the jewellery you're looking to sell.

Evaluation: We can remove any gemstones upon request, or you can choose to do so beforehand. We will assess each piece of jewellery for its overall value for either re-sale or its potential as scrap for recycling.

Offer and Transaction: You'll receive a fair and competitive offer based on current market price, with no obligation to sell. We pay cash or can complete a bank transfer once a sale is agreed.

Can I Sell Jewellery of Any Type?

We buy a broad range of jewellery, including gold, platinum and silver, as well as vintage and collectable jewellery. Antique jewellery can also be considered.

Ready to Turn Your Old Jewellery Into Cash?

Contact us today to get started with your no-obligation offer to sell your jewellery! We aim to get back to you the same day.

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