Egyptian revival jewellery Gold Winged Scarab Beetle Pendant

Scarab Beetle Jewellery: Gold Scarab Pendant

Egyptian Revival Jewellery: The Scarab Pendant

See our Scarab Beetle jewellery. Unlock the mysteries of ancient Egypt with our Egyptian revival solid gold Scarab Beetle pendant. It is not just a jewellery accessory but a work of art.

What Does a Scarab Beetle Symbolise?

 In ancient Egypt, the Scarab Beetles symbolised power and protection. They were believed to represent the cycle of the sun and rebirth. 

Our solid gold scarab beetle jewellery captures this timeless essence, offering more than just beauty but a symbol of renewal and strength.

British Gold Jewellery Craftsmanship 

Each gold Scarab pendant is crafted in solid 18-karat yellow gold, then set with full British Assay Hallmarks and our distinctive maker's mark MH.

The Scarab pendant measures 29mm in height and 33mm in width, with a bale adding an extra 7mm. The weight is approximately 9.4 grams, reflecting the solid, quality craftsmanship.

Custom Orders Welcome at Hunters fine Jewellery

Our Scarab Beetle Pendant is made to order. Please allow 5-6 weeks for manufacturing before shipping, as we take time to perfect your jewellery. It's worth the wait for a piece of jewellery that's truly your own.

Own a Piece of Egyptian Revival Jewellery

Suppose you're drawn to the scarab beetle's meaning or overall aesthetic. This pendant makes a statement of sophistication and cultural appreciation in that case.

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